Anacostia Riverkeeper Tour

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

In collaboration with the Anacostia Riverkeeper non-profit organization, we were able to take a boat-full of members and officers out onto the Anacostia River for two hours to learn about the geomorphology, environmental, and cultural history of the river. The Anacostia Riverkeeper is an organization dedicated to improving the river’s water quality, environment, and human use. Our guide, a coastal geologist named Robbie O'Donnell, was very knowledgeable about the river’s development and current efforts to decrease pollution. We learned just how much raw sewage drained into the river per year… but spirits were raised after learning that the amount is steadily decreasing, and the Anacostia will be swim-friendly in just 7 years! After the tour, members went to the Salt Line restaurant for lunch. We intend to set up the river tour again in the next year.

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