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We are excited to hear that you would like to become an official AWG member! This group exists not only to connect women within geoscience networks, but also to have a visible seat at "the table" and speak as a collective voice about issues relevant to our members. It is this collective voice that advocates for you in your current or future professions. Because of your continued membership, we provide a voice that is heard across several different industries, and has the potential to influence policy.


Directions to become a member:

  1. Go to the AWG Online Membership page, and choose one of the following:

    • Student Membership (for current students): $20

    • Early Career Membership (for professionals 0-3 years from graduation): $30

    • Professional Membership: $50

    • Sustaining Professional Membership (Dues at this level help AWG support membership services for Student, Reduced Income, and Early Career Members): $100

    • Reduced Income Membership (for retired and/or unemployed members): $20

    • Lifetime Member Membership (membership has no expiration): $1,500

  2. Go to checkout, and when prompted with the login page, click the "New Visitor Registration" link.

  3. Enter a primary e-mail, and continue to fill out personal profile information. During this step, be sure to choose "DMV (DC, MD, VA)" as your local chapter affiliation!

  4. Complete the checkout process, and you should now be a new member! Congratulations!



If already a member, direction to change affiliation:

  1. Go to the AWG member login page, and follow the login instructions.

  2. On the left side of the page, click "My Information".

  3. Click "Edit/View Information," and scroll down to the "Please provide the following information" section.

  4. Under the "Chapter Affiliate" drop-down list, choose "DMV (DC, MD, VA)."

  5. Save changes, you're all set!


For international, institutional, or corporate memberships, please view AWG's Membership page for details.

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